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Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

Gary Kulak Sculpture LLC began as a local Detroit Artist in 1975, focusing on installations with sound and real objects.

This work received attention when John Neff included this work in an exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Art. We soon became recognized as a forward thinking artist. In 1977 we returned to the roots of early life in Pittsburgh focusing on metal fabrication creating a body of work that was first exhibited at the Lee Hoffman Gallery in Birmingham MIchigan January 1979. This became a launch

pad to exhibit in NYC. In January of 1980 Gary had his first Exhibition at the JIll Kornblee Gallery on 57th street. Building on the success of that exhibition with a positive article in the New York Times by John Russell.

Gary Kulak Sculpture LLC continued to embrace new technologies in fabrication and design beginning to work digitally in 1990 with Photoshop and soon to follow work with 3D software Sketchup. As advancements in new technology created lower costs artists were able to purchase 3D printers and 3D scanning technology. At the forefront of casting 3D prints in bronze beginning in 2015 merging scanning, printing, and casting technologies. The juncture of old and new leaving evidence of the hand and the topographic layers of 3D printing.

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